Permits, Forms & Applications

The following is a comprehensive list of the Borough of Sewickley's Permits, Forms, and Applications.  Only certain forms are available online.  This is due to the fact that signatures are required for the application and approval process.  In addition, several applications such as the Historic Review Applications, Sign and Building Applications, etc. require substantial additional information and submissions for the application to be considered complete.  When using an online form, please note that payment can only be made through PayPal.  

BANNER APPLICATION:  A change has been made to our Banner Application process.  Banner Applications are now only being accepted for Sewickley Borough sponsored events.  Please contact the Borough Office at 412-741-4015 with any questions or to obtain an application for a Borough sponsored event.

Online Forms

Recycling Bins can be purchased using the Online Form below, through PayPal, or purchased at the Borough Manager's Office for $15.00.