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War Memorial Park

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Admission Fee

There are non-institutional/non-commercial rates as well as institutional rates, and an alcohol permit fee.


Rules and Regulations for War Memorial Park Rentals (PDF)


War Memorial Park is situated on approximately 20 acres of property located at 811 Blackburn Road. The Park was originally owned by the Sewickley Valley War Memorial Association and was transferred to the Borough of Sewickley in 2007. There are two Shelters on the park which are available for rental by both individuals and corporations. Shelter 1 is over the bridge and to the right of the playgrounds.  Shelter 2 is to the left of the playgrounds on top of the hill.  Along with the shelters, there is a public playground and walking trails. In conjunction with the Quaker Valley School District, the park is also used by the Quaker Valley Middle School Cross Country team for their home meets.  

Park Shelter Reservations are Closed for the Season


Changes were made in the way shelters are reserved.  On March 1,2018, we began taking Park Shelter reservations online only.  Reservations are now only accepted by submitting the online form and using epayment (PayPal) or a credit card.  The Borough will no longer take reservations through the Community Liaison/Police Department. 

Two shelters are available for rent.  To rent a shelter, please follow these steps.
  • Review our Shelter rules and regulations (PDF)
  • Select a shelter and use the calendar to choose your specific day(s) and time(s)
  • Complete the online form
  • Use e payment (PayPal or credit card) to submit payment.
Once your transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please be sure to keep your confirmation email and have it with you at the shelter on the day you have reserved

The following is additional information you need in order to rent a shelter

  • Reservations are taken beginning March 1st through the last Saturday of October (weather permitting) of the current year.   
  • The Borough will not accept shelter reservations for future years, i.e. reservations for 2020 will not be accepted in 2019.  Money will be refunded for any shelter reservations made for future years.
  • Water and restrooms/port-a-johns are available April 1 through the end of October weather permitting (weather permitting).
    • PLEASE NOTE:  Weekdays during June, July and August the YMCA holds their summer camp at War Memorial Park.  Additional port-a-johns are provided for the camp participants only.  These port-a-johns are marked and they are locked during the weekend when camp is not in session.
    • Additional private port-a-johns are NOT permitted.
  • Fees are non-refundable; however, you have the option to change a date or time within the same calendar year if that date and time slot are available.  In order to change your reservation, you must contact the Borough Manager's Office, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5 pm at 412-741-4015.
  • If you are securing outside vendors (food, sales, music, etc.) for your event, certificates of insurance will be required from the vendors.  In addition, a floor plan outlining the location of the vendors within the park will need to be submitted to the Borough Manager's Office.
  • To receive the Alcohol Permit, applicants must agree to several conditions, including drinking only within a 30-foot radius of the facility you are renting, observing designated times outlined in the permit, and agreeing to obey all state laws with regard to consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • If assistance is needed during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm contact the Borough Office at 412-741-4015.
  • If assistance is needed the day of the event after normal business hours or on the weekend, please contact the Allegheny County non-emergency number at 412-473-3056 and a police officer can be dispatched if necessary.


Park Shelter Rental fees effective November 14, 2017 are as follows:
  • The Non-Institutional and Non-Commercial Rate is $100 per shelter per day.
  • The Institutional Rate (YMCA, etc.) is $125 per shelter per day.
  • The Commercial Rate to rent the entire War Memorial Park is $1,000 per day. Please call the Borough Manager at 412-741-4015 to reserve the entire park.
  • Alcohol Permit Fee - $50.


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