Leaf Collection

Collection Guidelines

  • Leaf collection is available from October 1 through December 8.
  • Leaves are to be raked to the curb line, and not in the street. Placing leaves in the street can cause sewer backup and entice children to play in the leaves on the street.
  • Leaves should not be put into bags.
  • Brush, grass and shrubbery clippings are not to be mixed with leaves. Grass and shrubbery clippings are required to be bagged for weekly garbage collection by Waste Management, the Borough waste collection hauler. Branches must be cut to 4 foot lengths and bundled. Waste Management will not pick up branches unless this is done. 
  • Leaves that are not put out for collection will have to be bagged at all other times of the year.

Leaf Compost

Leaf compost will be available at War Memorial Park from May 1 through October 1.