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1. If I start work before 9 a.m., how can I get time on the station to ensure I don’t get a ticket?
2. What is the maximum amount of time I can purchase?
3. What if I buy 4 hours in the central district leave and come back, can I buy additional time?
4. Why is there a maximum of 4 hours in the business district?
5. Can I purchase less than an hour in the central business district?
6. If I buy 2 hours and only use 1 hour, what happens?
7. Does the pay station give change?
8. How do I know if I am parked in a business district area or the long-term area?
9. Can I move my vehicle from a central business district to a long-term zone?
10. Can I move my car from long-term to the central business district?
11. When I use the app, it also shows me other parking areas, such as Carnegie. How do I eliminate that and only show Sewickley?
12. How do I activate the pay station?
13. How do I know my payment was actually taken?
14. With the new rates in effect, have the hours of enforcement changed?
15. Why did we change from meters to pay stations?
16. How do I get the Meter Feeder parking app?
17. Do I need to place the receipt on the windshield of my car?
18. Whenever I use the Meter Feeder app, there is an additional charge-half hour in the business district is $0.50 but the meter feeder app shows $0.82—why?
19. Why if I purchase a half hour on the app, it shows 29 minutes?
20. Why does it appear when I am using quarters that the pay station is not giving me credit for the ones I plug into the station?