Waste Collection

Private Hauler

Sewickley Borough has a contract with a private hauler, Waste Management 800-866-4460) for garbage and recycling services. You need to contact them directly to arrange for curbside pick-up service. Curbside pick-up is once a week.

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Proper Trash Pickup Procedure Video


A voluntary recycling program is available to residents on a biweekly basis. Construction materials will not be taken. Recycle Bin can be purchased at the Municipal Building for $15 or by filling out the online form with e-payment and delivery to your house.

In order to promote recycling when attending events, shopping or just walking through Sewickley, the Borough has placed recycling stations at Wolcott Park and on Walnut Street.  Borough employees also participate by using recycling bins that have been placed throughout the Borough Building and in the Public Works Department.

Household/Small Business Hazardous Waste Collection Program